Payroll Management Features

Easy to Use

• Intuitive input screen

• Built-in “Quick Search” to select employee

• Interactive coaching for each input screen

• No bookkeeping experience required




• Unlimited number of employees

• Segregation of employees by departments

• Salary, hourly, commission and piece work

• Weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly and annual payroll

• Pay for public holiday, vacation, termination, severance and bonus

• 3 user-defined over-time rates

• Taxable benefits (use of company car, etc.)

• Tax deductible deductions (RRSP, union dues, etc.)

• Extra income tax deduction

• Other deductions (garnishment etc.)

• Quick calculation of gross pay from net pay

• Multiple companies

• Multiple users


Quick processing:

• Simultaneous processing of all salary employees

• Instantaneous display of result on screen

• Automatic accrual of vacation pay




• Use of program in mid-year

• Exclusion of any employee from a pay period

• Modification of payroll already processed

• Manual override of income tax deduction

• Reprint of earning statements or cheques

• Adjustment to vacation pay owing to any employee

• View reports on screen or in print form

• Export of any report in Excel, PDF or text format

• Choose from 4 pre-set payroll cheque formats

• Customized your own cheque format


Handles different payment methods:

• Computer cheques with earning statements

• Earning statements to accompany manual cheques

• Direct bank transfer to employees’ accounts


Facilitates government filings:

• Generates PD7 report for monthly payroll remittance

• Facsimile Record of Employment (ROE) for terminated employees

• T4s and T4 Summary for annual filing with CRA

• T4 E-file for e-filing with CRA

• Detail earning records for all employees to support filings


Accounting reports

• Payroll journal with user-defined general ledger account codes

• Payroll entries for posting to general ledger

• Employee vacation pay report

• Employee insurable earnings and work hours report


Management Information

• Overtime earning report

• Employee time-off records with comments

• Pay history of each employee with comments

• Vacation pay record for each employee


Data Security:

• User-defined password to control program access.

• Define access to individual program function by each user.

• Built-in data backup and restoration


Compliance with the Employment Standards Act

Prints “Employee Earning Statements” that complies with information requirements under the Employment Standards Act of Ontario and other provinces (except Quebec)



Subscription includes unlimited toll-free technical support and free program update(s) during the year to incorporate any change in deductions required by CRA.


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