Time & Billing Features

Easy to set up

Comes with preset codes for:

• Revenue

• Engagement

• Staff

• Billable services

• Non-billable services

• Recoverable expenses

Using the preset codes, set-up takes less than 10 minutes. You can also customize your own codes.


Easy to use

• Intuitive input screen

• No need to memorize codes with “Quick search”

• Interactive coaching for each input field

• Interactive coaching for each input screen



• Multiple offices

• Multiple partner groups

• Multiple billing rates for each staff

• Billable and non-billable hours

• Recoverable expenses

• Automatic or manual application of invoice amount against WIP

• Write-up / write-down of billable hours

• Allocation of write-up / write-down among staff

• Write-off of WIP not billable

• Opening WIP balances for billable hours and recoverable  expenses

• Correction of previous data inputs


User Defined:

• Daily work hours to be accounted for by each staff

• Working days in each week for each staff

• Statutory holidays for each calendar year

• Number of years’ data to be retained

Data Security:

• User passwords to control access to company data and each processing function.


Built-in Utilities:

• Timer to track time spent on each task

• Data backup and restoration

• Data integrity check


Numerous Practice Management reporting tools:

• Real-time information on WIP balances

• Identification of old WIP not yet billed

• Monitoring staffs’ daily inputs for work hours and recoverable expenses

• Identification of deficient work hours not entered by staff

• Monitoring of total hours spent by staff on any client file for comparison to budget

• Analysis of staff productivity in terms of:

•• Revenue generated

•• Billable and non-billable hours accumulated

•• Billing write-up and write-down allocated

• Client billing history

• Billing analysis by category of revenue for the firm with comparison to prior periods

• Billing analysis for each office and partner group

• Analysis of billing write-up / write-down

• Analysis of WIP write-off

• Non-billable services rendered between partner groups

• Information required for practice inspection

• Client list by engagement type or year end date

• Mailing labels for clients

All reports can be customized using the “Range Selection” and “Exclusion” features.


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